Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daniel Fast: Crazy

There are just a couple of crazy things I wanted to point out.

1- I fixed a baked potato for lunch and I couldn't eat it all! Can you imagine? I was full before I finished one medium sized baked potato. It only had a little Italian-type dressing and some salt on it. I also drank some water. That is unbelievable. Guess my stomach is shrinking.

2- Last night I fixed Garlic Mashed Root Vegetables. Yuck. Don't bother trying them. I had one helping and then I left for church. Oh, but the fruit smoothie Michael made when I got home sure was good!

3- I stopped at Ukrops on the way home to pick up some cough medicine for Brenna and some bananas. Here's the crazy part: They didn't have ANY bananas! The sign said "Due to transportation problems, we do not have any bananas". So I got strawberries and a pineapple instead.

4- We got gypped on winter weather again. All the good stuff is going south and west of us. Although it did sleet for about 2 1/2 minutes here.

5- The dumb woodpecker that likes the side of our chimney came back this morning. He woke up Daniel and I was not happy. Do they make woodpecker repellent?

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