Thursday, December 07, 2006

Favorite Things Shoutouts

These are some of the last items listed on my Favorite Things post.

Beth Moore - Living Proof Ministries. I've done most of the Bible Studies she has written and continue to be changed by each. She's a phenomenal teacher and I love her studies. At the top of my list are Breaking Free, Believing God, and Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things.

Bundle Me Snuggler
- keeping my baby warm this winter!

Ed Young Ministries - He's the pastor of Fellowship church in Texas. Our friends Robb and Belinda brought over a DVD of a sermon he did and we were blown away. He is a very challenging and relevant pastor. Whenever I miss church or just need a little preachin', I listen to Ed Young online.

Spot Shot - a carpet cleaner. It has taken out nearly everything we've tried it on. The exceptions were glue; spaghetti sauce (a light pink spot remained); very old stains.

hatboxes at Burlington - I use hatboxes to store all the kids baby items such as their hospital tags, hospital papers, cards, baby socks, baby calendar, first footprints, etc.

The Unfinished Furniture Mart- located at Glenside and Staples Mill. Great place to buy furniture. We got Brenna's bed, dresser, and night stand for a fraction of the cost at regular furniture store. (Not all furniture sold there is unfinished.)

There are still a few left, so I'll pick those up tomorrow.

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