Saturday, November 25, 2006

A New Tree

We got a new Christmas tree today! I am so excited! On Friday we put up our old tree and decorated it. (It's a little bottom-heavy because Brenna put up most of the ornaments.) But today, Saturday, we went up to visit Michael's family in Yorktown. We had planned to just go up for lunch and then come home because we have so much to do around the house. However, once we got there we decided to go over to his aunt and uncle's for dessert too because...well...because everyone else was going and we wanted to go too! So anyway, I was sitting at the kitchen table with the ladies and Sharon mentioned something about a pre-lit Christmas tree that they were trying to get rid of because Cliff hates it. I asked if she was serious and she said, "Yeah, Do you want it?" I bet my eyes were huge! I got so excited! I told her yes and took off to find Michael. We went up to their attic to bring it down and discovered that it is way to big to transport in our car. So back down the stairs I ran to find Michael's brother, Kevin, who drives a minivan. He agreed to take the tree back to Richmond. So now I have a large prelit Christmas tree, but it's on the east end. Kevin may drop it off tomorrow or we may have to wait a while to get it. When it gets here we're going to put it in the extra part of the kitchen and just have lights on it this year. I'm not sure where we're going to store it after the holidays, but we'll figure that out when the time comes!

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