Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Results of the Pantry Sort - No Food Dyes

We have finished our pantry sort. Brenna and Daniel pulled everything off of the shelves and read every label. If it was dye free, it went back in. If had dyes listed, it stayed on the table. They also did part of the fridge before they started losing interest. I finished it up and here are the products in our...

 Food Dye Pile of Shame. 

I was really surprised that the pile was this small. I really thought it would be in everything. We can work with this. The only thing Daniel was really bummed about was the marshmallow fluff. Yes, white marshmallow fluff has blue dye in it. Weird. So I'll check other brands and then see if they sell one at Trader Joes or Whole Foods. Daniel likes to make fluffernutter sandwiches every once in a while. 

Other than that, everything is easily replaced. We usually have capri suns anyway instead of kool aid. The fruit cocktail has probably been in the pantry for 5 years. We never eat that. I don't really even know where it came from. Cereal - no big deal. We'll just read labels and choose something different. Truthfully, Daniel would rather have eggs anyway. It's the convenience factor for me. We normally make lemonade with lemon juice and the Sunbeam brand of snow cone flavors is dye free. I was personally a little bummed to toss the butterscotch and caramel toppings, but I'll get over it. And who knows, maybe there's a 'clean' version. 

Oh, and just tonight I discovered that we can make our own jello just as quickly as with a box mix! Who knew?!  Apparently you just buy plain jello - which has no dyes or chemicals - and then add fruit juice. Unbelievable. Well, at least until I try it and it works. Then I'll be a big believer. :) 

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