Monday, January 14, 2013

Eight Hundred Ninety Five Through Nine Hundred Seven

It seems monumentous that I've crossed the nine hundred mark. On my way to one thousand and giving thanks.



895. The way Benjamin pulls the fabric of his pjs to his mouth as he gets ready to go to sleep

896. The Proper Pie Company

897. Teaching Carrie dot to dot

898. playing fun games at the table during dinner

899. when Daniel cracks himself up

900. sharing Bible study with Brenna

901. teaching Brenna about current events (whatever they're talking about on WRVA) on the way to dance class.

902. the rainbow seen all over the city this morning

903. my new boots

904. smoothies

905. being busy at work and actually feeling like I helped someone

906. finding out you're not alone in something

907. finishing a book

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