Monday, December 03, 2012

Eight Hundred Fifty Nine Through Eight Hundred Seventy Eight

I finally found time for blogger and it's a Monday to boot! Everyone keeps telling me I need to cut myself a little slack, but I just cannot get my mind around how busy we are! Over the last two days I've been emailing with a friend I haven't seen in at least a year and a half. We are trying to get our families together for a little while one evening. I wrote out our schedule for the next two weeks and literally just shook my head. No wonder I'm not blogging. No wonder I'm not reading. No wonder Carrie's quilt isn't getting done...

But I'm here and it's Monday and the list shall go on!

I am truly thankful for these blessings and many more-

859. Dinner with wonderfully, good, long-time, forever friends

860. onions

861. Ben's planks/push ups

862. Christmas lights

863. independent kids

864. our Advent readings

865. Daniel's success in reading

866. just being so happy in my life

867. new friends at church

868. surprises in the mail, even when they aren't for me

869. the anticipation of a new neice or nephew this week

870. special friends who love my kids

871. getting the whole family all dressed up for a Christmas event

872. that our dentist genuinely cares about my family

873. lower interest rates

874. Carrie's hugs

875. Michael's willing heart

876. the end of another successful Bible study

877. stockings hung from the mantle

878. Christmas surprises

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