Monday, December 12, 2011

Five Hundred Twenty Nine Through Five Hundred Forty

Missing one week is ok. Miss two and everyone will start to wonder what secret I'm keeping from them! We are still in a time of adjustment around here so I have not done a great job keeping track of the small blessings. They slide on by unfortunately. I've also not taken many pictures. There is life to be lived - meals, dishes, laundry, school, meetings, Christmas, new friends, old friends, grocery shopping, etc. - and then there are still all those pesky boxes to be unloaded. We are certainly making progress, but sometimes it seems so painfully slow.

Still, gratitude is in abundance!

529. a huge moon

530. new friends

531. seeing people we know while we're out shopping

532. that no one has been seriously hurt in all of our trips and falls the last few weeks

533. making Michael laugh

534. ideas from pinterest that work out well

535. employees at the grocery story who are friendly and helpful

536. figuring out why Carrie has been so difficult the last few weeks (teething)

537. loving our new church

538. catching up with my Nana

539. snuggling up under warm blankets

540. Carrie's funny faces at dinner

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie... thinking of Nana... there are items at Cracker Barrel with "Nana" print on them.