Monday, November 14, 2011

Crossing Five Hundred

I'm laughing because I sat down at the computer to rest my achy feet and write up a couple blessings for this week. Thirty items later and I'm not even close to done! I can really only shake my head and laugh. It has been a wild week. The mortgage company asked for more documents at the last minute and then after we had signed all our paperwork, they were still calling us with employment questions. Incredibly stressful. But then we got possession of the house, picked up Daniel and my parents at the airport, had a celebration dinner at Olive Garden, and got about the business of moving. There was no way this week would wind down with only a short list of thanks!

Now if I could just figure out where I put the camera...

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481. Brenna to Michael after church on Sunday "Thanks for moving us dad."

482. our new home

483. my grain mill counter

484. the orange tree in the back yard

485. over 35 people who helped us move

486. the lady from our new church who stopped in with brownies

487. the lady next door who brought over apple cinnamon bread

488. the Doug Oldham reference in sunday school

489. Blakeley who got documents together for us at the last min. for the mortgage company

490. our realtor's mom - also a realtor - who came to closing with us and kept Carrie busy

491. the queen size boxspring left to us by the sellers

492. the young girls who folded clothes and washed dishes on our moving day (7th grade and 4th grade... I know. How do you raise up young ladies like that???!!!)

493. our very nice and friendly closing attorney

494. Daniel's return home from Disney

495. friends willing to watch Carrie

496. That Carrie can gently shut the glass door on the entertainment center

497. antenae stations for the upstairs tv, including pbs for Carrie

498. the huge deli trays that we got from Kroger for our moving helpers, so nicely made

499. that moving day stories are nothing more than 'coulda been a lot worse'

500. the neighbor that pulled the moving truck out of the mud

501. the good feeling that comes with purging 'stuff'

502. empty boxes

503. when two tylenol, a snickers, and a coke can obliterate a pulsing tearful headache after a nap fails to do the job

504. that Carrie can sort the boxes of toys. "No Mommy. That Daniel's."

505. Dave, who can set up a computer in no time flat, not confused in the slightest by all the cords and plugs

506. finding my maternity clothes!

507. color coded boxes with itemized lists of what's inside

508. a mortgage payment that will be slightly less than we anticipated

509. a refund from the school district of our tuition fees (not yet here, but they sent a letter)

510. so many wonderful, amazing friends - one of life's most special treasures

511. how the congregation sings so enthusiastically/joyfully at our new church

512. the lady at church who found a way to let me know my 'side dish' of cold cuts was just fine

513. watching Daniel and John (pastor's son, age 4) interact at church

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Maggie said...

your posts always make me smile. You are such a good wife, mother and friend. I'm SO happy you all got the house!