Monday, August 01, 2011

Three Hundred Thirty-One Through Three Hundred Forty-Four

I've often wondered what number selling our house would be. Thank God it wasn't number 1000! Last week an offer came that we accepted and that definitely tops my list today. Number 331. There is much for which to give thanks this week - just not a lot of time to do it. I must be intentional as we move forward from here. Life will by busy for the next few months. I don't know how the blog will fit into our schedule, but I aim to keep my gratitude list up to date at a minimum.

331. A contract on our home

332. my friend Alison's call at just the right moment. She's the only person we know who has bought a house since the banks began to tighten up. She understands more than anyone else.

333. when our realtor says, "I'll take care of that."

334. Brenna going to drama camp

335. Michael's mom and step-dad watching the kids while we looked at houses - then taking Michael back to get the car we forgot about because we were talking so much.

336. Loan officers who answer questions all weekend long

337. the organization of my Peapod Packing Notebook

338. Daniel cracking himself up so much during bedtime prayers that no else can keep a straight face either

339. having fun at the Dragon Boat Races

340. Sharon, who recognizes things in me and helps me see them. And prays for me as we walk between locations at work

341. a signed lease

342. fun with the kids at Busch Gardens.

343. Chick Fil A

344. friends who are excited and continue to encourage us


MomBrose said...

I love that selling your home and chickfila are on the same list :) Yay!!!

Ginger said...

Oh Julie SOOOO happy for you! After all this T.I.M.E.... and thank you too for your previous beautiful post baring your heart. I can SO relate to you from another home body. God has really been stretching and teaching you new things in such unexpected ways. Who woulda thunk????

Big Hugs. :)