Monday, August 15, 2011

Three Hundred Forty-Five Through Three Hundred Sixty-Four

Last Monday we were in Georgia and South Carolina so I missed my weekly list of gifts. I don't have many pictures from the last two weeks to break up the list. Packing everything you own is a daunting task and one we are wrestling with as we try to decide what's really worth moving and what we can/should do without. And as if we weren't busy enough, Carrie is potty training. I was trying to wait until we move, but she's impatient, I guess. Yay for fewer diapers!


345. storage unit deal - three months for the price of one

346. pasta maker - half price for a short time on Amazon and I just happened to see it ~ free shipping too!

347. safety on the road during our SC visit, despite seeing several accidents and many bad drivers

348. friends offering to come help pack

349. boxes we were able to pick up from someone who had just moved

350. Jonathan and Tara - getting to see them and their new baby (We miss them so much!)

Brenna holding Makayla.  Lexie and Daniel.

351. lunch in NC with Matt, Kim and little Grace

352. the way the wind blows the leaves on the trees

353. Belinda and Christine packing up our kitchen

354. Dave keeping 5 kids (three of his and two of ours) so we could pack. Amazing!!

355. our three kids on floor watching tv, surrounded by boxes

356. kid laughter, and not just laughter but hard giggles

357. easy fix at the condo this morning

358. that Carrie eats raw onions

359. that tears release stress

360. kids who travel well, even if they don't sleep in the van

361. talking with Michael about what we're looking forward to, keeping positive

362. Belinda's phantom boxes she listed in my packing notebook

363. Being given the opportunity to slow the house buying process down and make a good decision.

364. selling our sleeper sofa and love seat so we don't have to move them

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MomBrose said...

SO many good ones!! I think it's a sign of really good parenting when your kids go with the flow. :) I had to laugh about the phantom boxes. We had the same thing happen to us :) I can't wait to see what house God has for you guys. I just know it's going to be amazing!! Wish I was there to help. But I'm praying people in for ya ;)