Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Hundred Eleven Through Three Hundred Thirty

It must have been a good week, because I have a long list! I'm glad to be practicing gratitude and 'eucharisteo' in what is such an uncertain time for us.  

311. rain that fell in Daniel's rain gauge - almost a whole inch (He was so excited!)

312. eating at the Conch Republic with Michael because the kids were out of town

313. running into TJ and Megan at the food festival

314. free corn for dinner

315. the biggest blackberries I've ever seen

316. that Brenna, Daniel and Carrie were invited to visit Bec and Chris in SC with Mom and Dad

317. meeting Bill and Lisa

318. Going to the M Bistro for lunch on Friday, Amy's treat

319. spending two days with Mom and her friends

320. the dessert we made in cooking class

321. getting to talk about milling wheat and how easy it is

322. trying new recipes, like homemade poptarts (new post tomorrow)

323. a good night's sleep for Judi, who doesn't sleep well, while we were at Cheesecake Farms

324. smoothies

325. clear, quick answers, even when they are 'No'.

326. catching up with friends I haven't seen in a long time (Jenn, Brittney, Rick)

327. Michael's band - that it's not a huge time commitment, but that they are doing so well and having so much fun

328. Brenna's mature decision making that still so often surprises me

329. Twice this week, someone held my hands and specifically prayed for the sale of our home

330. finding Andy Stanley on tv by chance Sunday morning


KarenW said...

So many things to be thankful for! Love the rain gauge. :)

MomBrose said...

Oh how I miss the summer rain! (but not the sticky humidity). Homemade pop tarts?! Genius!! Can't wait!