Tuesday, January 04, 2011

These Were A Few Of My Favorite Things

(At the top of the list is definitely the external hard drive - which we had long before Christmas, but is allowing me to access all the pictures! )

Christmas with the Peapod is a three day affair. This year it snowed on Christmas Day, stretching our celebrations into Monday. Is it any wonder it takes us a week to recover? :)

Dec. 24
Michael's dad and step mom's house.

Check out that determination...

They didn't plan this. Michael just took a picture and they did that. So funny!

Aunt Ginger and Brenna

Every year I take a picture of the kids in this chair. I waited too late this year and Carrie was beyond uncooperative. We got some rather funny pics because of it, though.

Dec. 25

Our annual family picture before starting on Christmas morning...

Opening Wii Party. We have loved playing this game as a family. Lots of fun!!
Carrie and her double sippy cups...

When we finished at our house, we drove over to my parent's. Here's my handsome little guy.
At my parent's house, you have to do push ups to get your presents. j/k :)
Carrie's new Sing A Ma Jig

Makes you want to travel the world and eat!

Daniel brought his new scooter to Grandma and Papa's house to try it out on their paved driveway. He's gotten the hang of it pretty quickly.
Dec. 26
So it snowed overnight after Christmas, but we found our way out of the neighborhood anyway and headed to Michael's mom and step dad's. It's not often that your kids get to play in the snow with all their cousins and uncles! They had the best time. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

A telescope? Somebody knows our Brenna!

Brenna and Daniel with Uncle Robert. I'm seeing a little family resemblance.


Dec. 27
Because of the snow, Stephen and Kristin's gift to the family - tacky lights tour in a STRETCH HUMMER - had to be bumped to Monday night.

The whole family - Stephen's and Kristin's - all those people rode in that limo!

Family picture in the James Center downtown

I found Marcie in one of the Christmas displays!

Not pictured
* Non stop talking baby dolls given to Carrie. (Thank God for the 'off' switch! ;)
* Peapod ornament with five peas, personalized to our family
* The fun we had with the gifts we gave
* Snow!!!
* Ohio sweet corn for Christmas dinner
* Daniel's collection of awesome remote controlled vehicles and remote controlled dinosaur
* box of fabric remnants that included green velvet and yellow lace

Christmas 2010


MomBrose said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Can't believe you guys got so much snow :D
Loved all the pictures! The kids are getting so big...especially Daniel in these pics!

KarenW said...

What a fun Christmas! Enjoyed seeing all your pics.