Thursday, January 13, 2011

Backin' Up Small Group

This is one of those stories that I hesitate to post because there's a good chance I'm the only one who finds it funny...

In our real life circles, we know several couples with similar names and are constantly clarifying who we're talking about. For example, we have friends who are Dave and Christine and then we have other friends who are Dave and Christi. I have two close friends both named Suzanne. One of those Suzannes is married to a Chris, who we sometimes mix up with Kris of Kris and Scott. And if you really want to be confused, Kris is the other Suzanne's sister-in-law. Did you keep all of that straight?

Last year Michael became part of a band with a guy named Peter. Peter's wife's name is Cassandra. I have not met them yet. However, we have a couple in our small group named Peter and Kristina. Their daughter's name is Cassie. This Peter is also in a band, just not with Michael.

A few days ago we got an email with links to two youtube videos. It said people all over the place were doing covers of this song and we should do one. The first link was the original. The second a cover. So I watched the videos, but because I didn't know anything about AutoTune, I searched for the original and watched that too.

Original News Video: (I can't embed it - you'll have to click the link.)
Witness describes Robbery Attempt on

Someone watched that interview, then used a program called Auto-Tune to create a song from it. It's become known as The Backin' Up Song. And of course it went viral.

I watched that plus a few of the covers and then hit reply on the email. I wrote about how funny the video was and that everyone should watch it. I told them that we could make the cover at our next meeting and it'd be so funny. I figured Michael could bring his guitar and recording equipment. If we could do it without laughing, it would only take a few minutes, right?

Still laughing and singing "I'm backin' up, backin' up, backin' up....", I almost hit send, when I glanced up at the email addresses and thought, 'Who all did he send this to?' I decided to take out a few of the addresses I didn't recognize.

And that ended up being all of them - because it wasn't Peter from small group who sent the email to us. It was Peter from Michael's band. And he wasn't wanting my friends and I to make a funny cover. He was suggesting that the band do it.

Which really makes a lot more sense, but isn't nearly as funny.

Here's another cover:


Tara M said...

As you can tell, Julie, I'm have a Peapod Four +1 morning :) This is hilarious!! I'm so glad I ventured your way today. I so needed this laugh and mental detour!!

U remain THA COOLEST!!

MomBrose said...

I followed you because I know most of those folks you are talking about :D At least you don't do what we did when we first moved to VA and started small group. Brian is awful with names so he knew them as "so and so, the one with ALL the prayer requests." :D haha!!