Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin "Patch"

Ever since Brenna was a year old Some years - when we remember - we take the kids to the local farmers market to take pictures among the pumpkins. There are several 'real' pumpkin patches in our area, but it's a whole lot closer and easier to just hit the farmers market.

Brenna at one year:

Brenna now:
I can't find any previous pictures of Daniel with the pumpkins. And I thought we did this every year...

This picture is so funny - it just looks like he's emerging from the middle of the straw!

These will be Carrie's first pictures with the pumpkins. Apparently, we didn't go last year.

She had the best time, not only with the pumpkins, but with all the straw.

Inside the store, I took this picture. It fascinates me because I don't think I ever see this expression on her face. In fact, I don't think it even looks like her.

And one of all three...

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MomBrose said...

CUTE! And you'd never know it was a farmers market. Our farmers markets don't have straw :D
Love that last picture!!