Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brenna's Special Presentation

Brenna has graduated! Last week she finished a Worship Class offered to 2nd and 3rd graders at our church. Over the course of five weeks, she and about 20 other kids learned all about the adult church service. They sang the doxology and learned about communion - not only the meaning, but also how to participate. During the last class, they watched a live feed of the traditional service so their teachers could show them the different parts of the service.

Upon completion of the class, the students are presented with a new Bible and invited to join the adult service on Sunday mornings.

All of the other families chose to have their child participate in the main sanctuary, traditional service for the presentation of the Bibles. Since we attend the contemporary service, and Michael leads worship there, we chose to be downstairs. For some reason, this week the room was packed and that made Brenna's presentation all the more special. (pictures below)

This class has been a big deal - fostering great discussions and encouraging growth/maturity. We've been looking forward to the Bible presentation for weeks. Unfortunately, this Sunday both Daniel and Carrie were too sick to be around other kids. Determined not to miss this special day, I brought the sick ones with me, ten minutes late. We hung out in the back of the room until the time came and then we left right afterwards. I was disappointed not to sit with Brenna during her first full service, but sometimes there just isn't much choice.

Here are some pictures I took.

Here Pastor Chris had called Brenna up to the front during the children's sermon time. He was explaining to the kids and the congregation exactly what she had been learning in the class.

Here he's presenting her with her Bible.

This part was particularly special. As Brenna was the only one in this service, Pastor Chris prayed specifically for her and her family.

When the prayer ended, I had to leave quickly. Carrie was managing just fine, but Daniel needed out. Not to mention he was coughing up both lungs.

I left the camera with Michael and he took this picture of Brenna with Pastor Chris after the service.


MomBrose said...

What a special special day! And how great for her to take that class!!

Jennifer said...

What a great class to offer! Yea Brenna! Such a special girl you have, Julie!!