Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We're Versatile Around Here

I've got a few things going on in my little world that feel pretty big. From the outside they don't appear as much, but in my book they look like mountains that must be conquered. One of those so called Mountains seems to stay the same distance away, while the other is moving toward me at a pretty quick pace. In response, I've been ... looking for distractions.

Tonight I was making some preparations and plans when my computer sucked my hand over to it and dropped down a menu of the blogs I like to read. The very first one put a smile on my face and then caused my cheeks to redden a tad.

I smiled because someone recognized my friend Heather for a blog award! She passed the award on to four others and me...and then I blushed a bit because she said some very nice things about me.

I looked up 'versatile' for the fun of it and the definition I liked best was "having many uses". My blog has that for sure. It gives me a place to unload my struggles. It gives me a place to show off my creations. It provides me with a way to keep my far away family in touch with our little Peapod. It's a place to vent and a place to overflow with joy. It's where I brag about my kids and where I write the things I want to remember.

Yep. Definitely full of uses.

Because I've been given this award, I get to tell you seven random facts about me and then nominate a few other versatile bloggers.

1. I work one day a week at the sales center for a river front development. This has just about nothing to do with the college degree I earned.

2. I spent 3 1/2 years earning a political science degree with a history minor and a specialization in secondary education.

3. Once when I was teaching 12th grade a girl fight broke out in my classroom. Fights make me sick to my stomach.

4. My spine is crooked so my hips are uneven. It's obvious when I wear a skirt, so I rarely do.

5. I need nine hours of sleep at night. I would prefer to start that sleep around 11:30 and finish around 8:30. Sometimes it works out that way.

6. I recently discovered an interest in biographies and read one on Mother Angelica.

7. I've been Quaker, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, and am currently Presbyterian. Obviously, I'm not denominationally loyal.

For their versatile blogs, I hereby nominate:

1. Ginger, of Raising A.B.E.L. - because she posts all kinds of goodies on her blog, from the cutest things her kids say to beautiful pictures to challenges she's working through that nearly always apply to me too.

2. Jennifer, of Apple Pie and Egg Rolls - because versatile also means "changing" or "embracing a variety of subjects" and Jennifer's family is definitely doing just that as they prepare for the adoption of their little girl. (from China!)

3. Wendy, of TurtlesButterfly - She's my cousin and she gets the award for being a very versatile young lady, rolling with the punches and forging her way in unfamiliar territory over and over again. One of the synonyms listed for versatile was adaptable. Her current post proves the point.

Ladies, pass on the versatility if you've got time. Random facts and more nominations! (but not a drop of pressure if your plate is full at the moment!!)

And now that I've been distracted for an's back to work. Plans and Lists. Charts and Plans. And more Lists. (coping strategies)

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MomBrose said...

Loved reading your randomness! I didn't know you were Quaker!! Did you eat oats too? :)
Thanks for playing along. Love ya friend!
And remember the wise words of Carrie Underwood....Someday you'll find that mountain you've been climbing is a just a grain of sand.... :)