Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent Pictures

I loaded these pictures in reverse order and I don't trust my battery to last long enough to switch them, so we're just gonna go with it.

We recently celebrated Michael's birthday with a lunch out, a little putt-putt golf, a Heath bar ice cream cake, and a homemade taco extravaganza - complete with margaritas. (well, the kid friendly kind)
Pictures of the golfing fun:

This was taken just before hole 18. At this point we had stopped counting how many times we had fished Daniel's ball out of the water.

This one was near the beginning of the course. Daniel had some surprisingly accurate putts that day. We don't actually know who won, though, because somewhere around hole 16 Michael realized he'd hadn't written down about five holes.


In other pictures.....

Daniel recently got a buzz cut. He likes it.

There's nothing so much fun as a large empty box. I remember Brenna played for weeks in a car seat box when she was about a year old. Since we're slowing filling boxes around here, this one was taped together, but still empty. Daniel spent most of a day playing in and out of it. He was having so much fun, he decided to have his lunch down in there.

My brother sort of graduated with his MBA a few weeks ago. (He's the one just down the steps.) He participated in the graduation ceremonies, but along with most of his class, he won't finish out all of his courses until late summer. I'm sure we'll actually celebrate then. ;-)

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Great pictures! When do you move??