Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Well it seems I've become a blog slacker. It's getting harder and harder to find time for writing.

List Of Reasons Excuses:

1. Carrie needs more attention nowadays. Spoon feeding takes longer. She can't be left alone or she'll roll all over until she finds something to chew on.

2. We're prepping the house to go on the market. Sometime in the next few months, we hope to find a new house and this one has to be ready when the time comes. I have boxes everywhere...full and empty. There's always more I can be packing or cleaning. On the other, we've found lots of 'treasures' (otherwise known as junk).

3. I might be addicted to Facebook.

4. Our computers aren't talking again. That little issue makes uploading pictures more of a hassle.

5. I'm in the midst of too many sewing projects at once! One baby project now. One baby project to get started. One gift project. And Brenna has a summer dress that needs let down. Oh - and the blanket I keep meaning to start for Carrie.

6. I sleep too much. I think over the last two months my body has decided to catch up on all the sleep it lost during pregnancy and the first 8 weeks of Carrie. I finally quit taking naps. Now if I can just back my bedtime up a little - 9:30 seems awfully early.

So since this seems to be a once a week update at the moment....Here's a picture of a house we really liked - but aren't going to buy. (too much surrounding construction)

Today I went to the zoo with Brenna's class.
Check out all these ostrich eggs!

Brenna and Daniel getting milkshakes this afternoon.

Carrie at the zoo.

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MomBrose said...

I miss your posts (if that's any motivation to keep writing). :D
How exciting to be moving! Wish I lived closer to help.