Thursday, February 04, 2010


You'd think with all these snow days that I would have plenty of time to update the ole blog here. Somehow, though, having more people in the house all day means less time to spend on the computer. Our first snow came last weekend, followed by a mini-snow on Tuesday. Schools were closed until today. We're expecting another round of snow mixed with heavy sleet tomorrow. Plus I saw flakes falling next Tuesday on this morning's forecast.

And I love it!

( long as the power stays on, I love it.)

Here are a few pictures from this past week:

The big kids getting ready to go out sledding. Papa left them a sled on the front porch a day before the storm started. There's a small hill in our neighborhood, but it ends at the street. Once the plows come through, it's kinda dangerous. (As Daniel can tell you - he now has a pavement scrape under his left eye.) Fortunately we discovered that our annoyingly sloped backyard, is just enough of a hill to ride down. Once they make a track, they can sled back there.

Snow days seem to demand baking of some kind. The first thing we did was make Amish soft pretzels. We brushed them with butter and then added salt or cinnamon sugar. That is until I got the chocolate melted. They were so good! We've decided to make the next batch like doughnuts, and put a filling in the middle.

I didn't take Carrie out in the snow the first few days. It was just too cold. When I finally did take her out, I strapped her to me in the sling, then pulled my big Green Bay Packers coat over both of us. We were quite a sight, but it worked. The sun was bright and the air cold, so we didn't stay long. (We're standing in the street here.)

This is my favorite picture from the last week. Michael took it while Daniel was playing outside on one of the warmer days. Daniel really loves all the snow. He can get his own snowsuit on now. He just needs help with his boots and gloves. Once he's out, he really doesn't want to come in.


MomBrose said...

Cute pics! I love the one of Carrie in Michael's jacket! :)

MomBrose said...

Did I mention how jealous I am of all that snow?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your snow with Ohio... there is 26 inches of snow in my front yard today. ;)