Monday, January 11, 2010

It Started Out So Sweet, Didn't It?


MomBrose said...

That's funny! Looks like a typical evening here too :D

The Three Amigos said...

Its like they're playing "Ha!". Daniel starts in and then Brenna and then Michael and lastly you! I'm sure if Carrie were old enough, she'd have been laughing too!

Anonymous said...

LOL I had to laugh when the Ohio State fight song is played right along with Michael and the kids singing "you are my sunshine"... or am I getting two blogs played at the same time? Hmmmmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Grandma Weber wants to hear Daniel sing the whole song. ;)
"you should have made a recording of that".

Pap says " Happy New Year to you !"

Grandma Weber says " I saw your tooth out, Brenna!"