Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Marshmallows and Angels

We had a little Peapod family night last night. Everybody got to stay up late and watch the Carrie Underwood special. Well, they stayed up late until I realized some of the 'comedy' wasn't exactly appropriate for younguns. That and I didn't notice it was a two hour show, either. But we made hot chocolate and tried to make the most of the first forty-five minutes.

As we were watching Carrie sing, Daniel (who, by the way, is forever calling her 'Carrie Underwear' and then correcting himself) looked down at his mug and said, "Hey! I got a lot of mushrooms in here!"

Michael and I started laughing and asked, "You've got what?"

"Mushrooms", he said.

"Do you know what mushrooms are?"

"They grow in the grass and I knock them over."

Marshmallows and Mushrooms. Never have I mixed those two up!


This afternoon I was in the kitchen when I heard the never-a-good-thing "uh oh" in the living room. It was followed by a questioning "Mommy?" and then a more urgent "Mommy!" As I walked through the dining room, I saw Daniel standing on the piano bench peering into the nativity scene. He was holding the angel that hangs at the top of the stable. When he saw me, he reached his hand out and said,

"Mommy! This fairy god mother falled down."


MomBrose said...

I love those! He is at such a fun age for "kid-isms" :D

Jennifer said...

Daniel is too funny! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

TurtlesButterfly said...

I love this post. Good thing he had a cup full of marshmallows though instead of mushrooms from the yard. Maggie had to go to the er for syrup of ipecac when my Mom thought she had eaten some mushrooms from the yard. Not fun for Maggie.

Ginger@chirgies said...

Ha!!! Love it, kids bring such a unique perspective - they keep me laughing, if I remember to take in all in stride. Broken angels, er fairy godmothers, and all. :)