Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quilting 101

I finished!! Not exactly the way I intended, but it's done nonetheless. Several years ago (yes, years), I started a quilt from a pattern in a book. After I'd made about 15 squares, I couldn't figure out the next step. I asked for help, puzzled over it, and finally gave up. Eventually I stuck the whole thing, fabric and all, in the attic.

I have a quilt heritage. My Nana has made many, many quilts. Brenna and Daniel each have one. They call them their "Nana Blankets". I have one she made for my wedding, and somewhere, I have a Bambi quilt she made me when I was little. When we lived in Ohio, Nana and mom even entered a few quilts in exhibition at the local Johnny Appleseed festival.

My mom doesn't have much time for sewing these days, and Nana is in Ohio or Florida most of the year. When I got the quilt bug again, I was pretty much on my own. I decided to make up my own design and do a learn-as-you-go quilt. I hand pieced about 90% of the top. Hand quilted it in the frame. Decided the frame took up too much room, so I took it down and finished the edge by hand without it.

The quilt was really looking good....until I got to the binding. I know for sure I messed that up good! I started out hand stitching it. But eventually I got tired. I was so close to the end and I really needed to finish so I could start some Christmas projects. So I just ran it through the machine and called it done. Messy though it is. Only one corner came out right.

Carrie's just going to spit up on it anyway.

Whenever Nana finished a quilt, she always stood out on her porch and took a picture. I don't have any copies of those pics, but I remember seeing several. Seemed like I should do the same.
So - here's my very first hand pieced quilt.

Thanks for talking me through all the confusing parts, Nana! I'd have been really stuck without you! I know you keep saying you're done making quilts, but I hope you're not. I've still got much to learn!


Anonymous said...

I like your quilt alot.
I am proud of you for finishing it.
Forget the mistakes and cherished your beautiful quilt. We know the kids will!!!
Love ya,

MomBrose said...

It's beautiful! I've done a few quilts and the binding ALWAYS gets me at the corners. What a feeling to be done!

TurtlesButterfly said...

Beautiful! I love how you took a picture on your porch too ;) Very good. It is making me wonder which box I packed away my dilapidated Nana Blanket from when I was younger...

Ginger@chirgies said...

Good for you!!! I started one before I got married 10 years ago, and it's still on our bed with safety pins in it holding it together...ya, maybe not the safest. Oh well! Way to go!