Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Little Perpective

Earlier this week I noted on Facebook that I was having "a nothing-got-done day". There honestly haven't been very many days like that since Michael went back to work. I usually make a short list of what I want to accomplish each day and most of it gets marked off. We're not talking major projects here. Just basic maintenance, like 'dishes', and 'wash kids clothes', 'shower'....etc. Occasionally, something bigger makes the list, like 'sort Brenna's summer/winter clothes' or 'clear out fridge'. Generally, though, it's short and manageable.

That day for whatever reason...(Daniel's whining and tantrums .... me being tired ... the computer stealing time ... or some combination of those and more) I got midway through and realized the chores weren't happenin'. Several things were half done, but I was throwin' in the towel. Surrender. Quittin'. No more work. Start again tomorrow. Finished. I gave it all a name (nothin'-got-done day) and announced it on Facebook.

One of the things I love about Facebook is that your friends can leave comments on what you write. And leave comments they did. Here is a sampling of the encouragement I received:

"Your a mother of 3 children (including a newborn)...if you survived this day, then call it SUCCESSFUL! :)"

"Go easy on yourself these days Mommy!!!"

"Is everyone still breathing? anybody hungry? they got minimal clothes on today? your kids got fed, watered, and loved, you have a roof over your head and someone you love is coming home at the end of the day. Methinks EVERYTHING got done."

"Nothing wrong with that!"

Guess I was needing a little bit of perspective! Unless my memory is skewed (which is entirely possible), I used to get a lot LESS accomplished in the months after Brenna was born. I remember thinking that taking care of a newborn just took so much time, and I couldn't possibly do anything else. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that my job as mom was to take care of the baby and that some days the checklist might be ignored, but I'd have a happy baby and that was better. How funny that I only had one child to take care of at that time....

Obviously some days the baby isn't happy either, but for the most part it works. I'd forgotten that advice somewhere along the way. It's important to keep perspective and give myself a little grace. After all, my 'nothing got done day' was one of only a few in the last five weeks. And I'm thinkin' that's not too bad!

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