Monday, October 19, 2009

I Bought A Bucket

I wanted to wait until my package arrives to write about this, but I'm too excited. I'm not generally a trendy mom. I'm actually not a trendy anything, really. I usually think I can do things my own way and do them better. If I can find an easier, more comfortable, more logical, less expensive way, that's generally the path I'll take.

You can ask my friends about this. Most of them will remember...probably while rolling their declaration that I didn't need an infant car seat carrier when Brenna was born. Why buy an infant seat and then a toddler seat when the toddler seat box says it does both?

Anyone with a baby is now rolling their eyes along with my friends. I lasted a week. Thankfully my friend, Kris, felt sorry for me and loaned me one they weren't using. The next time, I knew better and bought one.

Several months ago I saw a tv segment on a trendy new baby item that really intrigued me.

When Michael pulled the baby items out of the attic in preparation for Carrie, I remembered that our infant tub - which "conveniently collapses" for "easy storage" (that's a joke) now leaks at the collapse seam. So not only does it take up a lot of space, it makes a mess and is hard to empty. I decided we'd bathe this baby the old fashioned way. In the kitchen sink.

She doesn't mind it too much. As long as Daniel doesn't mess with with the faucet, or drip the wash cloth on her face, or rub her tummy too hard, or pull on her legs, or.... Basically he has to watch. It worked great for a few weeks and will work great again when she can sit up, but this wiggly, kicking in-between stage is a little tricky.

So I went trendy and bought a bucket.

Not THAT bucket. It costs $43.65! Without the stand! I bought the cheaper version. Which wasn't cheap, but does have a stabilizing stand.
I did read all the reviews and I know I basically bought a glorified bucket. But I'm excited about my bucket and I can't wait for it to get here.

And you can bet I'll post my trendy little pictures, just as soon as I take them.

Unless I'm back to hang my head and admit it's just a well marketed bucket.


MomBrose said...

That's great (I am giggling a bit), but I still think it's great! Can't wait to hear the reviews!

TurtlesButterfly said...

I look forward to hearing how this works. Maybe Zeke and Zeus need one...just kidding, lol. Whoever took the picture of the bucket you bought though needs a lesson in perspective b/c that bucket doesn't really look big enough for a baby. I'm just sayin...

Ginger@chirgies said...

What a great concept - Do they make one in my size???? :)

vtbecca02 said...

Not to put a damper on this new invention, but please please please be very careful with your bathing bucket with Daniel around...and make sure he knows not to play in it if there is water in it. I don't know how big it is, but there are a significant number of toddler drownings that occur every year in buckets. Sounds crazy, I know....I got the answer wrong on a test once and have never forgotten it since then. I think it's something about their balance and head size compared to their bodies. They lean over to play in the water in the bucket and essentially fall in and get stuck and can't get themselves back out. Perhaps it's younger toddlers, but it's definitely in all our pediatric textbooks...I'm pretty sure it exceeds the number of swimming pool drownings, which is crazy to think about.
Ok, that's my two cents from your favorite pediatrician sister :)
Otherwise, I hope it is a good way for you to give Carrie a bath!

Anonymous said...

After reading Bec's post, I did a search on drownings in buckets. I am very surprised that the bucket you purchased has been approved to be on the market, Julie.