Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daniel's Thoughts On The Baby

(Daniel -age 3)

I'm gonna teach the baby to play batter batter. (tee-ball)
And I'm gonna teach the baby to play football.
And backetball.
That's all the rules that the baby can do.

The baby's gonna cry when my mom and dad go away.
When the baby's in the bathtub he's gonna get all wet. The baby's gonna play with bath toys. He's going to cry in the bath tub.
The baby's gonna peek at me.

The baby's gonna swing. He likes to swing. The baby's gonna run over things.

The baby's gonna shut the door hard and you gonna say "No baby don't shut the door hard".

How bout we name it Lighting McQueen. Or a princess. Princess are not scary. Bears are scary. And nakes are scary. Nakes are really bad.

I teach the baby how to color. Baby gonna hide from the monster and squeal. When the baby's older we can name it. When it's five we can name it.

The baby gonna go on a boat. He like to go on a boat. Lotsa boats. But he can't drive. The baby can't drive on the boat. Because he's small.

Mom, I love the baby. I want to see him inside.


MomBrose said...

So sweet! sounds like he's pretty convinced that "baby" is a boy. Except for the whole Princess thing :)

Jennifer said...

Heather totally stole all my thoughts! So...ditto to her post! :)