Thursday, August 13, 2009

At The Rivah...

This past weekend we took our last trip of the summer. The last trip before the one to Labor and Delivery anyway. We went to visit Michael's dad and step-mom for the weekend. They live about an hour away, right along the river. Such a peaceful and relaxing home. We don't get down to see them nearly as often as we'd like, but it's always wonderful when we do.

Being near the end of this pregnancy, I didn't do much more than hold the couch cushions down. Saturday morning I even went back to sleep for two hours while everyone else played. But it was so nice. By the evening we'd moved to the back porch where the river stretches into the sunset and the breeze blows through with gentle waves. The kids were ran through the yard, racing each other and stomping down mole hills. Conversation was light and easy. If Sunday service didn't call, we would've stayed another night. Away from the city. Away from the house projects. Just relaxing.

While I was catching up on sleep Saturday morning, Michael and Grandma Pemmy took the kids down to the pier. The tide was out so they were able to play on the "beach". Really mud, but they loved it. Loved it so much they got filthy dirty and had to have their clothes washed. That's the stuff of good memories!

After lunch, Pop (Michael's dad) took the kids out to the garage for a special project. Daniel wasn't really old enough to help so he just carried the directions around, then took his nap while the real work commenced. Brenna and Michael, though, spent all afternoon with Pop making a new birdhouse!
She's planning to paint it some time in the next week or so. Then we'll mount it on a pole and see who moves in.

By evening no one wanted to go home. We had a yummy dinner followed by a totally indulgent dessert of donuts topped with ice cream. Who ever heard of that?? I was too full to try it, but it appeared to be an overwhelming hit.

A few quick passing hours later, we loaded the car, said our goodbyes, and headed west.

Next stop: L&D. someday. (clearly I'm 9 mo. pregnant and over it.)


MomBrose said...

Sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Brenna and Daniel have no ordinary life.
Every grandparent, every aunt and uncle, have something really special to contribute to their learning process. As a teacher, I truly find it rare to have extended family so involved as Brenna and Daniel have. I give thanks to God for blessing Brenna and Daniel in such a special way.