Thursday, July 09, 2009

What Happened To Friday?

Friday came and went and I have no idea what happened to it. I knew the plans I had for the week were a bit ambitious for being 31 weeks pregnant, but that, of course, didn't stop me from trying to do it all. Right on through Thursday's cookout I was keeping up like it was all no big deal.

(Sigh) I always overestimate what I can handle when I'm not full strength.

All my bravado came to an abrupt halt on Friday. I think sometimes if you don't take care of your body it'll take care of you. Mine decided that if I wasn't going to slow down, it would force me to do just that. So while the rest of my family piled into cars for a day in Amish country, I tearfully took the steps back downstairs to my bed. It was a rough day, but thankfully, I slept through most of it. And then I had no problem sleeping all night as well - proof that it was much needed rest, I guess.

My parents and brother/sister-in-law arrived late Thursday night so mom was around to help Nana. Between the Nana and I, we were quite a pair. If she was cold, I was hot. If I was sleeping, she was awake. If she was hungry, I couldn't imagine eating a thing. If she wanted to visit with other family members, I wanted to hide in the basement and go back to sleep. When I was awake and upstairs, though, we did talk a lot and try to make the best of the day.

When my family finally made it back, they told tales of crowds and lines and traffic that made me ever so glad I didn't go with them. They waited 40 minutes in line to sample cheeses at Heini's, worked their way through the crowds at Ashery's bulk foods, and got stuck in traffic trying to get home.

They say they had fun. Most important to me, however, was what they brought back from Ashery's.

Six bags. Of the most wonderful. Softest. Yummiest. Pretzels. Ever.

Six bags - because I promised two to my friend Belinda. That leaves four for us, and they have to last a whole year. Just until I can get back up there to buy more. Could I buy them somewhere else? Sure. They sell them at Williams - Sonoma....for just under ten dollars a bag.

At Ashery's, we pay $3.65 a bag.

Sometime soon, we'll plan a pretzel feast. We'll have some family or friends over and mix up a batch of pretzels. As they come out of the hot oven, we'll brush them with butter and sprinkle a few with salt. Or garlic. Or cinnamon sugar. If we're putting on a big party, we'll melt chocolate or peanut butter for dipping. Maybe add sprinkles. Ask if anyone wants mustard or melted cheese. Everything tastes good on these pretzels!

Thankfully by Saturday I was up and running again.
Friday was just a blip on the radar.


KarenW said...

Those pretzels sound delicious! I'm glad you got some rest. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

YOU were MISSED alot on this trip to Amish Country.