Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pittsburgh Day Two

So it turns out that two days in Pittsburgh isn't enough. Who would've ever guessed??

Since we'd hurried out so early to the zoo on the first day, we took a leisurely approach to day two. Check out was noon, which fit us perfectly. We enjoyed the hotel breakfast and then casually packed up and moved out.

Destination: The Gateway Clipper Fleet at Station Square

We purchased tickets for a one hour scenic cruise on the three rivers that converge in Pittsburgh and then sat down to wait.

Our boat boarded just a few minutes past noon and was only about half full. We had plenty of space to move around and even spent time at the front. We traveled down the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers as the captain pointed out important buildings and landmarks along the way. Most amazing to me, was the number of bridges - 446, second in the world to Venice, Italy. (Although Wikipedia claims Pittsburgh is first.) We saw quite a few on our cruise.

Brenna spent most of the time on the boat with Michael.

Daniel enjoyed watching for these trolley cars. He was very concerned that they were going to crash and seemed quite relieved when they passed each other on separate tracks.

We passed many other landmarks including Heinz Field, the Carnegie Science Center, and Pittsburgh's most expensive hotel room. We enjoyed the ride immensely, but we got off the boat hungry!! I had thought we'd be able to grab lunch at Station Square, but it turned out to be a little more expensive (and time consuming) than we expected. Instead we caught an Elvis tunes water show at the Station Square Fountain and the kids played in the misty air alongside it.

After a long walk back to the car, we left Pittsburgh behind and headed west on Route 30 to a KFC and Eastern Ohio.

But we'll be back to Pittsburgh one day. 'Cause there are treasures not yet discovered. Places like Kennywood. And the Carnegie Science Center. And the National Aviary. Just to name a few.

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TurtlesButterfly said...

If Brenna were and Ohio school student she might have been able to take a field trip to Carnegie eventually. Maggie and I did. (I think somehow Katie missed a trip there...)