Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bringing It Home

So it seems to be taking me longer to recap the vacation than it did to live it. I thought breaking it into pieces would be a good thing. Now I'm not so sure!

I believe we left off with my brother-in-law Chris sleeping at the wedding reception. I suppose a good way to follow that amusing picture is with another amusing picture...although I'll give Chris a break and pick on someone else for bit.

Father and Son - doing the Cha Cha Slide. Doesn't that picture just crack you up?

I don't know that there are any dances with a move like this....but then who knows.

Sunday we went to church with my Uncle Randy's family. Loved it last year - loved it again this year. Mostly because the sermons are so engaging and truth filled. But this time there was the added bonus of hearing my cousin Emily speak on behalf of her youth missions team. They'll be leaving for Arizona in a few weeks and she spoke to the congregation - describing the trip and asking for prayer and support. No "ums", no "uhs", no "likes", no rambling. She was well spoken, direct, and to the point. Not too many teens can do that in front of crowd. Did I mention she just turned fifteen?

Yeah, I was a proud cousin sittin' in the second row. : )

Sunday after dinner and visiting, the goodbye process started. I hate the goodbye process. It's not so bad when you know the next time you'll be together, but when there's no next visit planned, the goodbyes are just plain hard. And sad.

Monday was our travel day. It's supposed to take about eight hours to drive home. We took ...oh...about fifteen. Yeah. And I'm eight months pregnant. And obviously have no common sense left. We followed my parents out to Amish country - which sounded like such a wonderfully fun idea at first, since I'd missed the day everyone else got to go.

We stopped first at the Smuckers store - which was awesome!! Michael and I bought all kinds of things we don't see at our local stores. Mint brownies (pillsbury)- made with Andes mints! Marshmallow ice cream topping. Caramel Magic Shell. Limited Edition Apple Cinnamon ice cream topping. And so much more!!

Then we went to Ashery's and stocked up on snacks for the trip home... including a bottle of black cherry pop and a bag of gummy bears.

By then it was lunch time so we went to eat at what turned out to be a really. slow. restaurant. Mom still wanted to make one more stop so we all perused the aisles of Sols - a crafty type store.

And we didn't start for home until 4:30. Yes. 4:30 in the afternoon. And being able to drive 70mph in West Virginia didn't seem to help us get home any faster. We traveled with the big trucks on 81 and the deer on 64. It was after 1AM when we pulled into the driveway, stiff and barely awake. Pillows and kids were all we took inside. The rest we left for Tuesday.

Well....later in the morning on Tuesday anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this journey through your PA/OH trip. Thank you for not putting it into one day, but spreading it out with photos. I really enjoyed this post. THANKS !!!