Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Dance Recital

Is any mom ever prepared for this ?

Brenna's class came out on stage and I could hardly handle the cute factor.

Every single young class that entered the stage brought oohhhs, aahhhs, and a whole series of adorable moments - from stage fright to turning the wrong direction, to perfectly choreographed movements, to an amazing assortment of the cutest little costumes you've ever seen.

At the rehearsal earlier in the week, we learned that Brenna's class would perform twelfth. I figured that had to be after intermission, and there was no way I would be able to return to work for the afternoon. I made plans to work a few hours in the morning and then leave for the recital. (In other words, work just enough to pay a babysitter to watch Daniel.) That turned out to be a wise decision.

This recital was looooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg.

Well over two hours long! Brenna's class, at number 12, was in the first half!! We couldn't leave because she'd miss the finale, so we watched as class after class entered the stage and performed their routines. Some were adorably cute. Some (older groups) were so strange we could barely keep from laughing out loud. Most began to all run together in our minds because we'd seen so many they were no longer distinguishable. At long last they lined up for the finale and took their bows.

Overall, Brenna's had a great first year of dance. She's going back for a second, likely adding jazz to her experience. So far she says she'd like to specialize in ballet because the music is softer and the dancing isn't so loud. Tap, apparently, gives her a headache. Introducing jazz might change her perspective just a bit.

It seems to me, though, that it doesn't really matter which style of dance she does, as long as she gets to wear one of those cute costumes at the end of the year!


Jennifer said...

So cute!! I love the polkadots!! Yea Brenna!!!

TurtlesButterfly said...

Ok, I started laugh out loud at the fact that tap dancing gives Brenna a headache.