Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turkey Week

My how quickly a week passes. Sometimes things get so busy, that there just isn't time to sit down and write. It was a bit of a busy weekend and we're looking at another one coming up.

Plus Michael went to the library and brought home some intriguing books. I've already knocked out the Nicholas Sparks book, and am ready to take on David Baldacci or Joel Rosenburg. Can't read and type at the same time so the book won out. :)


It's Turkey Week at our house. I love turkey week. During the months of November and December, Ukrops sells turkeys for cheap. The one I'm cooking today was a $25 turkey and I only paid $7 for it. That's a good deal!

I had three good sized turkeys in my deep freezer. We already had Turkey Week once, back in January. (That is, before I got too pregnant-sick to be in the kitchen!) This is week two and we'll have another in June or so.

Turkey week is fun because on the first day, we have a scaled down Thanksgiving dinner. The house smells wonderful and we have a small feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, etc. Today, we even have some early corn on the cob! Michael cleans the turkey after dinner and we package the meat according to the meals for the rest of the week. When necessary, we freeze the extra.

The rest of Turkey Week sounds a little like Forest Gump's fixation with shrimp. We have turkey enchiladas, barbecue turkey on toasted rolls, turkey soup, and turkey sandwiches. Usually, that just about uses up our turkey supply, but the one I threw in the oven this morning, looked a bit big. So if there's more, I'll go back to the cookbooks and find something new to try.

The best part about Turkey Week is the grocery bill. It's a cheap week!

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MomBrose said...

YUM! I want to come over to YOUR house this week! :) And what a great idea! I do that with ham but never thought about doing it with turkey!! I have a couple great turkey recipes if you need any... Turkey chili is one of my favorites :D