Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sheet Tip... Or Not

I read somewhere a while back what I thought was a great tip. It said you really only need two sets of sheets for each bed. Instead of letting them stack up in your closet, you put one on the bed and lay the other set in between the mattress and the box spring. Not only does this save space in the linen closet, but it speaks to my constant desire to simplify everything. Two sets of sheets per bed. Perfect.

I've been planning to clean out the linen closet for some time now. It's on my 'before baby arrives' list, and I almost tackled it on Friday.

Instead, Daniel did it on Friday night. Yes. Daniel.

Whoever penned that 'great tip' didn't have young children at home. Daniel woke up from his nap on Friday afternoon clearly not feeling well. Twenty minutes later he lost the contents of his stomach all over the kitchen floor. By 12:30 that night we'd already been through three sets of sheets. We couldn't wash and dry the first set fast enough to have used it again. Two sets of sheets per bed won't do on such a night.

I'm so glad I didn't clean out the linen closet Friday morning. I would have been digging sheets out of the Goodwill bag in the middle of the night - trying to determine flat or fitted, twin or queen, in a barely awake state of mind. Probably only to arrive back in Daniel's room with two fitted sheets!

His tummy is better now, but his appetite is still missing. He and I are home from church today so we don't pass it on. I'll probably finish the linen closet later this afternoon - seeing as how it's already started.

And I'll definitely keep some extra sheet sets on hand!


MomBrose said...

YUCK! So sorry! I'm sure that tip does NOT apply to kids' beds :) Especially during potty training....
Hope no one else gets sick!

gail said...

that was my first thought--it wouldn't work on those days/nights when the kiddo gets sick. we've had nights where we've gone thru sheet after sheet after sheet ...