Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's In Slovakia

I'm excited to share another new blog today! Several years ago, in my far distant teaching years, I had a student named Anna. She was a ninth grader in my World History class. A class I taught because I had to - not because I wanted to. Government was my thing. History I suffered through. I've never been a big history fan, but I minored in it because so many of the classes overlapped with my political science major. As a teacher it was a double whammy - Ancient world history and ninth graders. Quite the combo.

Anyway, Anna's family went to the same church Michael and I did, so I took an immediate protective liking to her. I would've helped her out of just about any jam she found herself in, but she turned out to be a straight A, quiet student who loved history and never got in jams.

I've seen her occasionally over the years and followed her education steps on Facebook. She earned her degree is now following a passion in historical preservation. Following it all the way to Kosice, Slovakia! The opportunities surrounding her are amazing and totally God designed. She's teaching English, interacting with locals, and restoring an old manor house. (She calls it a kastiel.)

She's begun blogging her adjustment to Slovakia at www.slovakianna.com I think it's fascinating. Like when she refers to the ATM as the bankomat. (Is that where they launder money?) If you have some time, read up on her story. Pray for her. And maybe even leave a comment with some encouragement. She'll appreciate any bit of that.

Seriously, I think this is the only good that came out of those pathetic history classes I tried to teach.

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gail said...

hey, love the new header! those photos are so cute of you all. and your little extra line is perfect.