Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures To Go With Last Week's Post

Here are a few photo highlights from our trip to Newport News. Pictures can make the day look a lot different than reality....You can barely tell we were ready to string Daniel up by his toes!

Our four kids at the very beginning...Evan on top, then Brenna and Daniel,
and Leah at the bottom

Daniel at one of the three moments he was stood still long enough for a picture

This was Daniel's favorite exhibit. Those are bees in the track...he thought they were ants.

Leah and Brenna

I just put this picture in here for Toni. (see comments to the original post)

Look close and you can see that Daniel isn't even using the steps...he's mid-leap.
Anything to move faster and get ahead.

Brenna and Leah in front of the algae tank. Not sure what that was all about.

Patience was running out....we tried to talk Mr. Robb into tossing Daniel over
into that metal cage, since it was empty at the time. ;-)

One of Daniel's other photo stops - one that gives a very opposite indication
of how the day was going.

We thought this alligator was fake. We stared at it for the longest time and it never moved. Later, Robb walked by it again and saw it stretch and turn around.

Brenna and Evan watching one of the animals.

Miss Belinda with Daniel and Leah at the end.

All four kids and Mr. Robb


The Three Amigos said...

Ummmm...Thanks? No not really! That's gross Julie! I'll have you know that I didn't look at the whole picture. Can't do it! I will have nightmares.

MomBrose said...

At least you're smiling in the pics! :) I can't believe how big Leah and Evan are!!