Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring is here!

Well, kind of. The temperature is expected to be in or near the seventies all week long. I suppose if we aren't going to have enough snow to play with, then spring might as well come on. Just as quickly as this nice weather appeared, though, it could give way to cold rains and ice. Around here, you just never know.

When my brother, sister, and I were kids my dad used to make a list called Signs Of Spring. The first person to spot one of the signs could write their name and date next to it. I suppose the person with the most won, but I don't remember there being any prizes. Some years it got pretty competitive. You learned quickly to keep your mouth shut in the van if you spotted one because you might not be the first one into the house at home. Some items were harder to find than others. Some came along when you least expected them.

In honor of our glimpse of spring week, here's a 2009 Signs of Spring list. (I wish I knew how to make it a pdf so folks could print it out.)

someone mowing the grass
a house with the windows open
Easter egg
someone wearing shorts
new leaf on a tree/ leaf buds
a child riding a bike
mom leaving the house without even a sweater
a boat on the water
a baby duck
bird's egg
folks playing corn hole
someone fishing
a woman wearing white dress shoes
someone wearing sandals
a family having a picnic
a frisbee

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