Tuesday, February 03, 2009


There is a thin covering of very wet snow on the ground this morning. Grass and objects only. The roads are clear. No delays or cancellations.

But it was more exciting than the 'snow' day Michael got last week! Brenna and I left the house a few minutes early so she could put a few toys away in the backyard that had been forgotten. I waited in the driveway. And waited. And she didn't come. So I went back to see what happened and she was making snow balls off the grill. She's so bundled up this morning, she couldn't hear me call her name.

We stayed in the front yard playing until the bus rolled past to make its U-turn. Then we hurried down the road. One little guy was having so much fun playing outside, he wasn't ready for school...and he missed the bus.

Snow makes all the difference. Even just a little brightens a morning like nothing else!

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