Monday, February 23, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Apparently

My biggest regret in posting this story is that I don't have pictures to back it up. I just wasn't quick enough.

I haven't laughed a whole lot over the last 6 weeks or so. Been a whole lot more moanin', groanin', and cryin' going on than gigglin'. "Morning" sickness will do that to you. This trimester's been pretty rough. Just ask Michael or Brenna. Even Daniel can tell you that Mommy's tummy hurts a lot. And he knows what makes it feel better too. Even if it doesn't always work.

So last Thursday night was an average sick night for me. I'd gone upstairs after dinner to put some laundry away. I wasn't miserable, but I wasn't moving very fast either. Mostly I was just trying to make it through until we could get the kids to bed. Then I'd be free to curl up in my own bed.

As I was gathering a pile of Brenna's clothes, I heard Michael call for me from the bottom of the steps. I walked into the hall and noticed that he'd gotten out his clippers and cut his hair. To be honest, I was very grateful he hadn't begged me to do it for him. I've had it figured for a long time that if my brother can cut his own hair then Michael can cut his. Using a mirror, he shouldn't need me to do it for him every single time. So from the bottom of the steps he asked if it looked ok and if he'd missed any spots. I told him it looked pretty good, but to run the clippers back over the top right side where it looked like there might be a small patch that needed cut.

Just a few minutes later he came upstairs and asked me, "Does the back look ok?"

I kid you not, when he turned around I laughed so hard I nearly sat right down on the floor. And every time I looked up I just kept on laughing. It didn't matter how sick I felt or how tired I was, what I saw pulled the giggles right up out of me.

Apparently (and this is where I wish I had a picture) when he went to shave the bottom edge, he strayed a little high. So rather than a hairline that stopped at the top of his neck, it stopped at nearly the top of his ear! And to make matters worse, it was zig-zagged! A horizontal lightening rod, from ear to ear.

The harder I laughed the more insistent he became that I fix it. I kept telling him he shaved it and I couldn't fix it. We got out an extra mirror and he surveyed the damage before disappearing back downstairs to see what he could do. He considered shaving it, but was concerned about what his bald head might look like. Especially with my brother's wedding only two weeks away.

When he came back, I was still laughing. But truthfully, he did a pretty good job of blending out the zig-zag. It was still very high in the back, but no longer eye-catching. In another week or so you won't be able to tell at all. Disaster averted - for the most part.

I know he didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did, but it sure felt good to laugh that hard. I kind of think it marked the beginning of the "morning" sickness fade-away. It seems to be heading out and I'm so thankful. The whole Peapod could use a dose of second trimester energy!

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Jennifer said...

Julie, I cut Rush's hair too so I can so appreciate this story!!!!! I really wish you had pictures....not that Michael would appreciate you posting them! :) Glad you're starting to feel better!