Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I had high hopes that today would be a snow day, but we somehow managed to miss it all. It went south. The weather channel is still forecasting snow showers for this afternoon, but I doubt it will be enough to get tomorrow off. Just in case, we located everybody's gloves and boots last night. I really wanted to be ready in case it was one of those disappearing snows - the kind that's there when you wake up and nearly gone by the time you finish breakfast. We don't want to have to put away never-been-worn snow gloves and boots come spring.

Despite the lack of snow, it's still an out-of-the-ordinary day. Inauguration Day is playing out on tv. And Brenna is at home. I chose to keep her home today because I wanted to teach her about the way our government works. She is soaking it up - which is great fun. She's already telling Daniel all about the motorcade and decoy cars. She's not watching non-stop, but as important things happen, I draw her attention to the tv and we talk about it. We've been awed by the crowds! She watched the swearing in ceremony with me and then we made lunch during the inaugural address.

Here are a few things we've noted through the day:
- Aretha Franklin had a really, really big bow on her hat!
- The flags on the cars in the motorcade have spotlights for use at night
- President Obama used the same Bible Abraham Lincoln did
- Malia Obama's blue coat was really pretty
- Cannons are shot off in celebration, and sound like fireworks
- There are a lot of people in DC and they look cold
- VP Cheney is in a wheel chair because he hurt his back moving boxes
- There is a special song 'Hail to the Chief' that is played when the President enters a room
- Many traditions and how peacefully a new president takes office the US

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Anonymous said...

Pap thought for sure you were at the Inauguration of Barack Obama, Julie. :)

He was thrilled to hear that Brenna and Daniel watched some of the events.

I had my students watch the morning events with me. I cried watching their excitement. I had spent time reading to them about Martin Luther King, Jr and Harriet Tubman, so they would understand the importance of Barack Obama taking the oath for President of the United States of America. The children laughed at
"the big bow"; however, they raised their arms and swayed back and forth to her singing. :)

So much fun being apart of history !