Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Great Tim Tam Slam

Michael received a gift this year from two of his students that has leapfrogged to the very tip top of our favorite gifts ever list. I was slightly skeptical when we opened it the Friday before Christmas. But when we followed the directions just last week, I was hooked. It's hysterically funny and oh so messy!

It's called a Tim Tam Slam.

The gift had a package of Tim Tams and a box of hot chocolate mix, along with the instructions. Apparently, the family learned the game through a pen pal in Australia. You start by make hot chocolate for everyone playing. Then each person takes a Tim Tam and bites off two opposite corners. On the count of three, everyone dips the lower end of the cookie into the hot chocolate and sucks the milk through like a straw. As soon as the hot chocolate pulls through the cookie, you slam it into your mouth. You have to be quick or the cookie will fall apart in your hand.

Ready to play

Cookies Prepared


Did I mention it's a messy game?

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TurtlesButterfly said...

That looks like fun!!