Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sugar Overload

There's no doubt sugar has a hold on me. I'm well aware of it, occasionally try to fight it, but usually surrender in blessed happiness. (especially if it's in mom's cinnamon rolls...hint, hint, hint)

It might be a good thing for me if sugar were rationed. I would miss the cobblers, and chocolate cakes, and sweet tea, and ice cream, and apple crisp, and sugar cookies, and Nana's strawberry jam, and....

I probably take in more sugar than I realize, but my true weakness is yummy desserts. I enjoy baking, but more than that, I enjoy the smiles, happiness, and satisfaction that comes when I make a dessert that everyone loves. And in that way, I'm probably forever addicted to sugar. Because what kind of dessert would it be if it didn't call for sugar? right?

Last Friday night, after Brenna had left with her Gramma Pemmy for the weekend, Daniel and I made No Bake Cookies together. Mostly he watched and mostly I measured and stirred, but we did it together, and they turned out well. Especially in comparison to the black bottomed chocolate chip cookies I made earlier in the week and had to throw directly into the trash can.

Sunday was my dad's birthday. Way back in July, I bought a black raspberry pie filling at an Amish store in Ohio. I'd saved it all this time so I could surprise him. I quickly mixed up the pie dough, added the filling and popped it in the over. When Dad came to the door thirty minutes later, I was still cleaning up. But he was carrying a pie plate!

Apparently mom made apple pies for his birthday and sent half of one to us. When the black raspberry pie finished baking, I sent part of it home with dad. If you're keeping track, we now had cookies and two kinds of pie on the counter.

An hour later, Brenna arrived home from her birthday weekend with Pop and Pemmy....carrying the remains of a yummy birthday cake and a bag of Halloween candy. Yep - that's cookies, two pies, a bag of candy, and a birthday cake. Our kitchen counter started to resemble a pastry shop display case. (Well, one that someone had sabotaged, since only the candy was whole!)

Even for a dessert addict like me, that was too much sugar! Someone finished the birthday cake last night while I was gone. The cookies are dried out and crumbling. The black raspberry pie filling wasn't all I thought it would be, and I don't think anyone has touched it. Which leaves us with Mom's apple pie and the candy. And truth be told, I'm not big on pie or candy.

It's nice to know I can have a whole counter full of sugar and not eat a bite. Well...maybe a few of the cookie crumbles, but nothing else, I swear...

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BrendaF said...

It must be a Frantz family gene that makes you and Wendy both sugar addicts. She always has something sweet stashed somewhere. In fact, I found her a t-shirt for Halloween that had a "Where the Wild Things Are"-esque illustration on it with the words, "Candy Patrol". She loved it. I remember your mom's pies...they were delicious. But, what I remember more are her cinnamon rolls and her applie dumplings. NOTHING was better than one of those treats!!