Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have twenty minutes to sit here and wait. Twenty minutes while the brownies bake. Brownies that are supposed to be blueberry muffins. Blueberry muffins that were supposed to be Brenna's birthday treat to take to school tomorrow. It's been a bad night in the kitchen.

I had a blueberry muffin mix from a bulk store in Amish country that made 36 muffins. Thirty-six awful muffins. I burned three fingers on my right hand trying to make those muffins. The first 24 came out of the oven and I, thankfully, decided to try one. Oh, how do I tell you how bad they were? Cardboard, pepper, and stale air must've been a part of the mix. And purple food coloring. I threw them all away.

Plan B was supposed to be Rice Krispie treats, but guess what? I didn't really think we'd need a Plan B, so I didn't buy any Rice Krispies. Yea.

On to Plan C. Mom's emergency brownies made from scratch. She bailed me out tonight. I called and got the recipe - an easy one, made of things I always have on hand. They are right now in the oven, transforming into the perfect birthday treat for Brenna's kindergarten class.

And they better be perfect. Because I'm one step shy of tears and a full fledged temper tantrum. It's late and I'm tired.

And I'm intentionally not thinking about what brownies at 9AM snack time will do to a bunch of 5 year old bodies....

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