Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catchin' Up

It's a newsy post kind of day.

Brenna's birthday was great. We kept our tradition of Bruster's ice cream on the night before her birthday. She chose Chocolate Peanut butter Buckeye ice cream. I finished her birthday cake about 10:30 that night. I was so tired I could barely stand up to wash out all the little icing tips.

The family celebration on her birthday started around 7 with gifts and cake/ice cream. The best part of the night was when Uncle Chris, who lives in South Carolina, snuck into the living room and she didn't even notice. It wasn't until he started talking that her face lit up and she realized the surprise.

I've been reading some books by Karen Kingsbury. She's a pretty prolific Christian fiction writer, but I've never explored her books before. Right now I'm working my way through the Redemption series. I love the emotional aspect to her writing. Sometimes the story line is a bit trite and too good to be true, but she's definitely gifted at bringing you into the character's feelings. (Don't tell, but I've shed a tear or two reading her stuff.)

My Bible study group on Tuesday nights has been going really well. I didn't know any of the women very well when we started, but the group dynamic has really started to gel. Last night everyone stuck around to talk for nearly a half hour after we finished. They are beginning to trust each other and that will be crucial in our discussion time over the rest of the study. I am still feeling out of my element and very unqualified to lead this, BUT it's all coming together in spite of how I feel - which means God is using me, and that rocks.

Brenna is finally taking the formal PALS test at school. I don't know what it stands for, but it's supposed to give her teacher an idea of what her reading level is. That probably means that in the next few weeks we'll finally be able to talk to the school about meeting her where she is - whatever form that takes. It's been an incredible test of my patience to sit still and wait while she "learns" her shapes and letters. I know they need time to get settled and do evaluations. Now it's time to act.

Daniel was apparently feeling his inner penguin at my parents on Saturday. He skimmed across their newly paved driveway... on his nose. Rebecca mentioned on the phone that he'd fallen and had a red nose. I imagined a red rug burn type nose. In reality, it was more like a blood covered nose. I've never seen anyone with a nose like he has right now. They spent the day calling him Rudolph - and it fit. Good thing he's not in school yet, or the nickname might've stuck. (This picture is from today - 4 days after he fell.)

Remember last week when I posted about our morning routine? And I said that if Michael misses his alarm it throws us all off schedule? He's 0 for 2 this week. Luckily Brenna hasn't missed the bus yet.

And finally, we have company coming for dinner tomorrow night. The weather is not cooperating with my menu. I bought everything to do Cheddar Corn Chowder and apple cobbler, which sounded very 'fall' to me. I imagined it being a little chilly and that we'd warm up with soup.

It's going to be 87 degrees tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am bummed... I wanted to read a juicey story about Kalf ! :)

BrendaF said...

What a gorgeous cake! Such a good mom! Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Brenna!! Poor little Daniel and his nose. I remember sometimes having to postpone the annual birthday pictures for the girls due to some calamity that left bruises, cuts, or some other souvenir on them. If you were in Ohio this week the weather would definitely be cooperating with your menu for company. We had frost here Sunday night! (It got down to 33 degrees last night.)I made 2 different kinds of homemade soups for Maggie and me for dinners last week. I really do enjoy reading your posts! I admire the young woman you are, Julie!!!