Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Our New Pets

Daniel and I made these cute little guys this morning. We went for a rock walk first to steal rocks from other people's driveways gather rocks and acorns. It worked out great until Daniel decided to dump the bucket in the street. After I bribed him back inside the house with a cup of water (how long do you think that'll work?), we sat down at the table with the tacky glue.

The smell of tacky glue totally takes me back to VBS in the fellowship hall at Trinity Friends in Ohio.

When I was done sniffin' and reminiscing, Daniel helped me stack the rocks. Then he ran away to do something of toddler importance in the living room, while I waited for the glue to dry. The acorn heads kept falling off so I had to keep them balanced in a just-right position. I gave up on the one on the left, but I think that's ok because now it looks like it's singing or screaming. Personally, I think it's screaming because its neck broke.

Anyway, this is how we passed the time today. Daniel's comment when he came back and saw the eyes was, "Oh, Mom!" As in, 'oh good grief, you are such a silly mother. You just put eyes on acorns and glued my rocks together. I'm not even allowed to touch them.'

If he could roll his eyes, I believe he would have.

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Jesse Joyner said...

thanks for the correction on the hurricane name - that's embarrassing! thanks a ton!