Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Can't Make A Good Pie Out Of Bad Berries

My grandma is both famous and infamous for her pies. When she makes a good one, it's very, very good. But when she makes a bad one...well...she really makes a bad one. Sometimes she runs out of fruit so she just throws in whatever other fruits are available. There have been a few interesting combinations. And a lot of teasing! Other times she runs out of crust or occasionally forgets an ingredient. But when she gets it right, her pies are delicious!

Last weekend was apparently a mixed bag in the pie department. Someone generously shared a bag of berries with her, which she promptly turned into two pies- one for the house and one to take to the family reunion. Brenna tasted the first one, then turned to ask Papa if she had to eat it. If the five year old won't eat the pie, it might be lacking a little something.

Dad tasted it and told Grandma that the berries were sour. He suggested that a little sugar might help. A sugar dusting on the crust failed to remedy the situation, so she took the whole top crust off and added more. Then she replaced the sugar crust and cut the pie into squares in order to hide the fact that she'd removed its top. She really thought she was going to fool the whole family.

She didn't.

According to Grandma only one man at the family reunion liked her pie. I think she told him he could have it, but in the end I heard it got dumped.

I'm glad I didn't know about this BEFORE I ate the pie she sent back to us. This must've been a crust-shortage pie, because it has three stripes across the top. These were berries she'd picked herself, and this pie was good! I also heard she made a yummy peach pie with fruit she picked in her back yard. ( I didn't even know you could grow peaches in Ohio.)

Two good - Two bad. I'm just glad I got a good one!

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Anonymous said...

The first two pies were awful !!!
The filling did not taste anything like blackberries. The berries tasted griddy like the person had kept them for a very long time before giving them to Grandma.

Now for the second series of pies, I was a little concerned about a repeat, so I took a sliver of berry and a sliver of peach and ate it together. VERY GOOD !!! LOL

There are two peach trees behind Grandma's house. This month, the trees have been loaded down with peaches.

The grape vine was loaded with green grapes last week. With the rain and heat, I bet they are purple this week. :)

And then there is Pap's garden ! :)

Love ya-