Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten is fast approaching! We printed the supply list off a few weeks ago and have been slowly gathering everything. The blackberry backpack and matching lunch bag have arrived. Yesterday, Michael picked up the last few items at Target. Sometime in the next week or so I'll get out my black permanent marker and label everything.

In the car on Sunday Brenna asked me what she should do if someone is mean to her at school. That's a good question, because no doubt it will happen. We talked through a couple scenarios and I tried to calm those worries a little.

In a few short weeks we'll go over to the school for an open house. There we'll pay fees and meet her teacher. Hopefully Brenna will also meet another little girl or two from her class so the first day won't be so intimidating.

It's still hard to believe that nearly 6 years have come and gone so fast. How did she get to be a kindergartener already? In many ways I am so ready for her to head off to school. She needs the interaction of the other kids as well as time away from me. I'm ready for someone else to take up teaching and challenging her. On the other hand, I am a bit anxious too. There's a whole list of worries I'm ignoring in my mind. Instead, I'm focusing on all the opportunities she's going to have and all the exciting things she'll get to do.

Brenna is definitely ready for kindergarten. (I guess the real question is, "Is Kindergarten ready for Brenna?" ; )


Anonymous said...

Kindergarten is where it all begins!!!
Toss those worries away.
Keep your focus on doing what is best for Brenna.
Put a family picture in her bookbag for days when Brenna needs a lift. :)


Michelle in Mx said...

I can't believe how crazy life is right now, but my eldest needs to start school way sooner than I though would happen

Room for Grace said...

Love that last line!
Yes, yes, such mixed emotions for me too. But, I am definately more excited for my Kindergartener than anything else. She's ready. I'm ready...but it doesn't mean I won't cry on Monday! I'll mention Brenna as I'm praying for Ella.