Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's Saturday night and I'm tired...

We have finally acquired Wii Fit. As I type, Michael is attempting to walk between high rise buildings on a tight rope. He's flapping his arms wildly....The birds nearly did him in. Awww... he fell. Oh well. Better luck on the ski jump.


Thursday we spent the day cleaning carpets. The first time we did our carpets I was horrified by the black, and yes I mean black, water that came up through the machine. It was so bad, that we did them twice before returning the cleaner. Since we're through the rough part of potty training, we decided it was time to clean again.

(here's Daniel, eager to help)

This time the carpets weren't as bad. The water was still gray, but nothing like before. We did the downstairs and then Brenna's room.

Which reminds me...earlier this week at dinner, Michael and I were complimenting her for keeping her room clean. Ever since we did the big clean-up and rearrangement in June, she's really been keeping it nice. So we congratulated her and she said, "Thanks! So what are we going to do about that?"

Indeed. Little rascal. Nuthin'! We're doing nuthin' about it, except tell you you're doin' good!


I talked to my mom a little while ago. She said she took Daniel out to play on the swing set this morning. He wanted to swing so she started to unhook the little plastic car swing they have for him. But that wasn't what he had in mind. "No baby, Gamma, no baby." Almost enough to bring tears to your eyes. He wanted to be on the big boy swing. "No baby, Gamma, no baby."

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