Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ohio Notes

I'm so tired I can barely hold my eyes open, but I feel compelled to get a post up. Can't think straight so I'm going for the list. It fits the week anyway, which was all packing lists - to do lists - to buy before we leave lists - to put in the car lists - to do while we're there lists - to do before we leave lists - to put back in the car lists - to do at home lists - and finally, to buy at the grocery store when we get home. Yeah, definitely a list week.

* Weather was great. It rained a few days, but it never got hot. Actually it never even got warm enough to go swimming in Nana's pool. We were pretty bummed about that. But the breeze that blows most every day there is absolutely perfect.

* I got duped at the Amish Door Bakery and bought six humiliated cream sticks. Yes, Amish people tricked me. (Or maybe they were Mennonite, but still!) I get all disappointed again just thinking about it. We went there specifically to buy cream sticks because they are heavenly. First of all they were out of the maple ones when we arrived, but I held back the tears and ordered two chocolates, two vanillas, and two powdered sugars. I held them on my lap all the way back to Nana's so that they wouldn't get crushed or melted in the trunk. When I cut into the chocolate one, it oozed out yellow pudding stuff, not the white cream that is supposed to fill a creme stick. So I cut into all the others, and discovered the same. Now I have to find a new creme stick supplier...someone who knows how to make them right.

* Daniel only had one major potty issue all week....and he saved it for the ride home. Just north of Fredericksburg on 522 South. "Ooohh, Mommy! poo-poo." I turned to look and sure enough, I could see it. Which meant it was a mess. In the underwear. So we pulled off the side of the road for emergency toxic waste removal.

* I got to spend time with a 2nd or 3rd cousin (not sure how all that genealogy stuff works - his mom and my mom are cousins) and his new wife. They were wonderful! Brenna played with their kids and we all made plans to do Busch Gardens together next year on their vacation. No doubt if we lived closer, we'd be good friends with them.

* We went to a Minstrel show (not what you're thinking) on Thursday night. It was essentially a patriotic chorus concert and joke night combined.

* Brenna got to spend the night with my cousins in their tent. I'm told she stayed up to 1:27.

* I learned to play corn hole. A whole post on that is coming. And yes, my dear small group, I intend to teach you...just as soon as we get our set made.

* We saw a side of some folks we wish we hadn't. It's weighed heavily on us and we've talked it through many times. Not a topic for blog discussion, other than to say it's hard to understand why people say/do what they do sometimes. And how they justify it.

* I survived my second internet detox in three weeks. I thought I'd miss email and Facebook, but what I really missed was writing. Putting my thoughts and stories here.

* Daniel and Brenna got new Buckeye plates for dinner and I got an OSU chip and salsa plate. Perfect for game days this fall.

There are a few more tidbits from the trip that I'll put up in separate posts. For now, this list will do. I'm going to bed. : )


Room for Grace said...

Glad you are back, I was starting to wonder!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie...
You should have said something... Columbiana's Dutch Haus has the best cream sticks... with the all the white cream you can savor.

I really enjoyed Brenna spending time with me. She loved the school's new playground. Brenna, Sarah and Ashley had me up dancing to almost midnight. :)

It was fun playing with Daniel. He is adorable!

I got the book from Mom and can't wait to begin reading it. Thanks for suggesting it.


gail said...

like your lists! good to have you back. ohhhhhhhhh, i can just see the toxic waste disposal stop. we've had our share of those too. yuk!