Monday, June 23, 2008

Pictures From The Last Day In Montreat

My sister and brother-in-law live a little less than two hours from Montreat, so we made plans to spend Saturday morning with them before we left for home. It was a surprise to the kids. Here are a few pictures from that morning.

We took a walk around the lake, gave them a quick tour of the area and then headed to the playground.

The playground at Montreat has a river that runs through it - it's the coolest park I've ever seen. Daniel loved playing in the rocks and the water. This section is only one of three or four places the river flows through. Some areas were wider and deeper.

All of the playground equipment was wood. Here, Chris is on a boat with Brenna and Daniel.

This is a tadpole. A huge tadpole! In the corner of the lake were bullfrog tadpoles that were quickly turning into bull frogs. Everyone was watching them and talking about them all week. I'd never seen such huge tadpoles in my life!

After we left the park, we drove into the adjacent town of Black Mountain and showed Rebecca and Chris some of the cute shops we'd discovered earlier in the week. I think the chocolate shop was the best - with their chocolate sculptures and beautiful truffles. We ate an early lunch and then got on the very long road home.

So that's it from last week. Now we are unpacking and working our way through our 'to do' list before we head out again next week.

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