Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Michael's Cake

And now the cake pictures....

See, now isn't that just the most odd looking birthday cake you've ever seen? But here's the thing - each piece had to have icing piped into the middle and I couldn't figure out how to put them nicely back together. And if I had cut the pieces smaller, they wouldn't have held up when I piped 'em. The cake consistency was more dry than I'm used to - almost corn bread like. It looked so plain with nothing on top so we got out my trusty Easy Accent Decorator from Pampered Chef and put a bunch of puffs on top. It's definitely unique, but it all turned out ok...

We topped it with strawberries, coconut (Michael's favorite), and sliced almonds!

Here's Daniel after he'd had his piece. He tried to talk us into giving him another, but he was hyper enough as it was!

And Brenna and Daddy. (and Ina Garten in the back ; )

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gail said...

looks like a fun party. joe is always trying to get more party cake too!