Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Preparations

Somebody flipped our busy switch.

Today is Michael's birthday and Brenna and I are in a scramble to get everything ready in time! Luckily he has an after school practice today that will give us an extra hour of prep time.

This morning we made a yellow cake from scratch using a recipe in my favorite cookbooks. (click picture) I'm sure I've gone on and on about this book before, but it's my favorite and never lets me down.

We are doing a yellow cake mix that is described as being similar to Twinkies! The suggested icing is a boiled flour icing so Brenna and I are going to cut the cake into rectangles and fill the centers with icing. We bought several toppings, too, including coconut (Michael's favorite), and strawberries.

Of course the cake is the most important part, but Michael asked for lasagna tonight, so I'll be putting that together here in a few minutes. Lots of meat and pasta to cook. He doesn't know it, but I found a focaccia bread mix to bake too. I'm quite sure our Ukrops doesn't have stuff like that. Brenna and I were in a bigger one and my word! the choices and unique things they had! She had to hold me back!

We still have presents to wrap and a card to make. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a picture or two.

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gail said...

you are a busy girl!

what is a ukrops? must be an east coast thing, eh?

i'm sure your honey will have a wonderful b-day with all that you have planned for him.